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December 2, 2006

Powering the sports car

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Many years ago, a friend recommended that I try the Hip and Thigh Diet.

I asked her how the diet plan knew to take weight only off my hips and thighs. What if it got it wrong and just took fat off one bosom and I ended up with one voluptuous breast and one saggy, skinny one. Or suppose it targeted my legs, I didn’t wants to walk around with one thin leg and one strong, shapely one.

She told me seriously that this was a, “scientifically designed diet to improve health and wellbeing”. Up to then, I hadn’t really thought of her as terminally stupid.

No diet, whether it is aimed at reducing body fat or designed for improving nutrition, can possibly target specific areas of the body. The Heart Diet doesn’t zoom in on that muscle and immediately repair any damage and cause it to beat happily for the next fifty years. The Liver Diet does not sweep through only that organ, cleansing like some nutritional hoover.

Of course you can eat foods which are kinder to the liver but they also reach every tiny particle of the whole body.

A certain food may upset your stomach and give you headache but it is also reaching every blood cell, every vein and muscle – because that’s what food is designed to do.

That’s why we have well nourished feet!

There are sensors throughout every particle of our wonderful bodies and when the glucose level falls they leap into action. First our senses become more acute so we can see and smell food and respond positively to it.

If you doubt this, try looking at your favourite food when you have a full tummy – doesn’t have the same appeal at all!

Then the awareness of food, or the need for it increases and our brain is unable to concentrate fully on whatever we are doing.

It begins small, the odd thought, ‘Gee, I’m about ready for a cup of coffee’, and continues, if we don’t respond, to a more intrusive imagining, the smell and feel of Java.

Eventually we just can’t get on with the job in hand because the body is crying out for sustenance.

Our need for food is no different to our need for water – the longer you deny that need, the more the body shuts down other faculties so it can concentrate on making you reach for something liquid, or edible.

I call that pretty wonderful.

Every tiny atom of you has been built and is sustained by one thing – food and this is why everything in the body is geared towards finding and consuming it.

From the pupils of the eyes, which dilate when we see food, to the saliva glands, taste buds and stomach juices which ra-ra in anticipation.

If we consume a diet full of low-nutrition foods, we will be malnourished, every part of us, and that means the organs will deteriorate.

This is why the diets aimed at certain organs are just plans to get better nutrition into the body so it can heal itself.

Eat fruits, vegetables, quality meats and fish, nuts, seeds and grains and (unless we are allergic to something) we will be filling every particle of our body with the elements it needs to repair and remain healthy.

That we should now be firmly trapped in a culture which seeks to feed the body on something which offers no nutritional value, or deprive it of the essentials it needs, is sad beyond belief.

It’s like buying a top-of-the-range sports car, expecting it to run on mower fuel and never maintaining it.

YOU are that sports car and you deserve the very best to power and keep you going, every part of you, hips, thighs and all.


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