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November 16, 2006

ISAA: Blogging Before Blogging Was Cool

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We are about to embark on a fun adventure, a new chapter in the history ISAA’s Without Measure publication. Blogging has been around for years and actually, ISAA has a unique claim to fame in the world of blogging — we were blogging before blogging was even called blogging (much less “cool”)! That’s right!

If you get the opportunity, make sure to go to It’s A BIG World After All! It features the travels of Monica and Rachel, ISAA’s first representatives to Europe, in 1998. They travelled from Southern California to New York City to Italy and back — all the while emailing me “journal entries” which I copied and pasted into HTML and uploaded to the ISAA website. They also emailed pictures for the photo gallery and we embedded a chat on the “It’s a BIG World After All!” website, an official section of the ISAA website. It was an extremely popular part of the ISAA website for years.

Well, now we’re trying again. Only it won’t be two or three bloggers (as it was for “It’s A BIG World After All!”), it could be 5 or even 10, all with different backgrounds and perspectives, from different parts of the world.

That’s what makes this fun for me. I like reinventing things and I don’t mind taking chances. You might like WOM Beta and you might not…but we’ll do our best to inform and entertain.

Best Wishes,
Allen Steadham
Director ISAA


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