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November 16, 2006

And So It Begins…

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Without Measure originally debuted as an ISAA newsletter in August 1997. In April 2001, Without Measure (WOM) was reinvented as an electronic magazine (e-zine). This proved to be an exciting and rewarding approach to conveying a size-friendly topics in an informative and entertaining way to the public at large (of all sizes). WOM inspired PODWOM (Podcast Without Measure) and WOM took on a “talk radio meets E!” format for the first time.

One thing that was always a challenge to WOM, from the very beginnings of its e-zine conversion, was providing WOM with some regularity. We were doing well to provide 3 full issues per year. This was mostly because ISAA is volunteer run and volunteers have full, active lives outside their volunteering…and real life often takes precedence. My firm belief, as the publisher of WOM, is that WOM needs to be a quality product. I’m sure we could have put out 12 six-page issues of recycled news and opinion rather easily but in all actuality, those issues of WOM might not have been worth reading.

So faced with that dilemma and a gap in publication since August of 2005, I decided it was time to try something new. Hence was born the concept of WOM Beta: a group blog maintained by past, present (and hopefully, future) WOM writers. You will be seeing several blog entries by different authors in the coming days and weeks…and you will be able to give your immediate feedback through commenting. I encourage you to do so. This helps us determine what you like and dislike and what you’d like to see more of.

I hope you like WOM Beta. I’ll look forward to your input.

Best Wishes,
Allen Steadham,
Director ISAA


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  1. I’ve never blogged before, even on my own art site. I made it here. Howdy.

    Comment by pauldelacroix — November 22, 2006 @ 2:18 am | Reply

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